Supplements for our 4 legged friends

Oct 4, 2021 | Nutritional Information

Supplements For Our Four Legged Friends

Many pet parents fall into the trap of believing supplements are useless. Owners think food, water and exercise is enough to keep their furry friends healthy. Unfortunately, some cats and dogs live with nutritional deficiencies without their owners realizing it, or are predisposed to health problems such as joint degeneration, dementia, heart disease and skin issues to name a few. With proper nutrition and , and supplementation, these are conditions that can be prevented and treated. 

How supplements can benefit your pet

Nutritional supplements aren’t only beneficial for humans. Many pets experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as do us humans, and as they get older, they may suffer from chronic ailments. No matter their age, breed, or medical history, every cat and dog can benefit from some type of supplement to help them live a long and happy life.

  • Provide Essential Nutrients: Just like human food, not all pet food is created with clean ingredients, and not all pet foods are nutritious. Some kibble is laden with fat or fillers like corn that lead to empty calories. It’s like eating fast food every day for their entire life. They contain very little nutritional value leaving the pet with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Supplementation can help fill in those gaps where their food isn’t complete with the recommended nutrient profile. 
  • Health Support the Holistic and Natural Way:  Supplements are a natural alternative or addition to traditional veterinary medicine. While prescription drugs effectively treat many health problems, they also come with a list of undesirable side effects. The same as with humans, prescribed medications often treat symptoms instead of fixing the problem itself. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in supplements provide the building blocks that help every organ in the body function at its best. 
  • Prevent Breed-Specific Ailments: Some large breeds of dogs are often predisposed to certain ailments. As dogs get older, pet parents might notice their dogs have a difficult time walking and are less agile than they used to be. That’s because large dog breeds are predisposed to joint problems
  • Protect Your Pet During Major Changes: Stressful situations can deplete or otherwise inhibit the production or intake of vitamins and minerals. Major life changes can provoke stress in pets, such as a new living environment. With the current world situation and many rescue pets being adopted, this can cause major stress to animals. Extra stress placed on the body can lead to a vitamin deficiency. Supplements can keep your pet healthy as they navigate a stressful time in their life, either by providing a range of nutrients or by helping the pet maintain a sense of calm. 
  • Support Their Overall Health: Supplements don’t always target specific ailments. Some micronutrients are not only good for treating a pet’s unique needs but can also boost their overall health. 


Vim Forte -VM: A nutritional supplement of macro-minerals, micro-minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, and antioxidants essential for diverse biochemical functions.

Probenz -VM:  A synergistic blend of eight dynamic strains of probiotics, digestive enzymes, medicinal botanicals, and citrus bioflavonoids

to aid in optimal digestive system function

Omega 3/6/9:  A synergistic blend of essential fatty acids consisting of  −3, −6, and −9. Essential Fatty acids are a very well-known anti-inflammatory that addresses skin and joint problems. Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids have also been proven to support organ function throughout the body, therefore making it an essential nutrient in every pet’s diet.

Immunine -VM: A specifically formulated with biological response modifying herbs containing antioxidant properties which help to maintain normal immune system function and reduce the negative effects of stress

Adapt -VM: This is designed to support adrenal gland function and promote normal hormone production by the adrenal glands. In supporting adrenal gland function, Adapt-VM™ helps support the body from the negative effects of chronic stress and helps maintain physical and mental well-being

Articulare -VM:  Helps maintain the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues, thus improving joint mobility and flexibility

There are many other supplements available at to treat more specific ailments your pet might be experiencing. Please be sure to contact your veterinary doctor if your pet is undergoing treatment or currently taking prescription drugs before trying any of these natural products. Every pet has a different set of needs, and vets possess the necessary knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

Blog Written by:  Kacia Mongeau