Should you take a Supplement?

May 6, 2021 | Nutritional Information

We all want better health, and we know that better nutrition powers better health.  So how can you get better nutrition more often?  Supplements may be a away to help you give your body what it needs to run better more often.

3 Things a Supplement can do for you

1. Help prevent nutrition gaps – we don’t eat perfectly, nor should we try to, as there is no perfect food, perfect diet nor perfect nutrition.  We all have food preferences and many of us choose to avoid foods and food groups.  Better supplements are a way to get the nutrients we may not get from our food.

2. Help (re)fill nutrition needs – our bodies use up nutrients all the time, so replenishing them is key to staying healthy, having better energy and the tools the body needs to run better.

3. Help address a health issue – whether taking medications or choosing to address health challenges with nutrients, better supplements can be part of your better therapeutic nutrition plan, ideally developed with your practitioner.  Always share your current supplements (protein powders and herbal teas count!) with your practitioners and consult them before taking something new. 


3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Supplement

1. Who are you right now?  Your supplement choice(s) must be based on your current health, your current nutrition choices, and your current health goals.  Your better supplement choices are the ones that help your body run better today!

2. What form works better for you?  If you can’t swallow a pill, a tablet isn’t your better option.  Today, there are so many options – chews, dummies, sprays, liquids, powders, capsules – to choose from.  Your better supplement is the one you will take more often.

3. Are the ingredients – active and other – going to give your body something better.  It’s okay to enjoy junk food, it’s not better to take a junk food supplement.  Supplements are a choice we make to give our bodies what it needs to run better.  If you make organic and non-GMO food choices, do the same for your supplements.  Avoid artificial colours, sweeteners and chemical isolates as supplements, they won’t help your body run better.

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